Muoviyhdistys ry was founded in 1940 and is one of the oldest plastic societies in the world. It is a private association, which is not supported by state or other organizations, but finances its activities by member fees and by arranging different professional events.

The Finnish Plastics Association has over 1.300 members from about 800 companies (manufacturers, importers of raw-materials and machinery, universities and institutes of polymer research).

The Finnish Plastics Association is a good channel for networking with Finnish plastics industry. Networking can be done by different events as seminars and annual meetings or through extranet. Extranet is only available for members.

You can join to the Finnish Plastics Association by filling a membership application form.

MuoviPlast magazine is the only professional magazine in the Finnish plastics industry. The magazine’s readership covers approximately 800 companies, half of which are producing plastic products. It has also readers in the companies providing plastic raw materials, semi-finished products and machinery. MuoviPlast has six issues per year.

Media information 2017

Press releases and other post to the magazine can be sent to Muoviyhdistys ry or email to muovi-plast(at)

Seminars 2017:

MuoviSki 2017 , LEVI MOUNTAIN 9.–12.2.2017 (Thursday to Sunday) MUOVISKI 2017 format


Contact information:

Muoviyhdistys ry
The Finnish Plastics Association
Rautatienkatu 23 B 21

15110 LAHTI

Tel. +358 10 2710380

E-mail firstname.lastname(at)
Secretary Niina Leskinen tel. +358 50 5727 132